Letter: Democrats wrote book on voter suppression
Op-Ed · September 21, 2012

Democrats wrote the book. When it comes to voter suppression, the Democrats have a history of doing it, starting after the civil war till 1965. Using what has come to be known as the Jim Crow laws; Democrats would do anything to prevent blacks and poor whites from voting.
They passed laws to make voter registration more restrictive, created the poll tax, and other methods to suppress voting like literacy and comprehension tests (See”). They also were responsible for creating segregation of blacks.

To pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, it took the Republicans to help pass it, even though the Democrats had a majority in congress.

Voter picture ID will not suppress voting. If you are registered to vote, your address is already on file and you need a picture ID to drive, cash a check, register for college, and conduct other official business.

So why are Democrats against picture ID? Maybe it because they want to throw the election in their favor, like producing stuffed ballot boxes after a close election, and using the dead or unregistered people to vote. After all, they wrote the book on voter suppression.

Michael Hebl, West Branch

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