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Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Editorial: WB’s reasons for thanks
Opinions/Editorials · November 20, 2014
The interesting thing about bitterness and enviousness is that the bitter and envious person never seems to want to get out of those emotions, but would rather drag the rest of us in.

Jerry's Jottings: Foundation got much help this past year
by Jerry Fleagle, Hoover Association · Opinions/Editorials · November 20, 2014
As 2014 comes to a close, I have begun reflecting on the past year. It has flown by!

Senate Update: Ensuring good housing for veterans
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · November 20, 2014
One of the best ways we can welcome veterans to our state is by ensuring they can afford a home that meets their families’ needs.

Editorial: Keep thanking veterans
Opinions/Editorials · November 13, 2014
We cannot repay our veterans at the level of sacrifice they gave to us.
Not even close.

Soapbox Philosophy: The truth about talking versus trolling
by Gregory R. Norfleet · Opinions/Editorials · November 13, 2014
The elderly gentleman in a ball cap, glasses and flannel jacket stepped up on the bleachers with his pop and pizza and sidled up next to me to sit down.

Minds and Matter: School district applies for Teacher Leadership Grant
by Kevin Hatfield, School Superintendent · Opinions/Editorials · November 13, 2014
The West Branch Community School District has a history of providing students with outstanding programming and teaching designed to support the learning needs of each generation of students.

Letter: Liberals: It’s not the economy, it’s people
Opinions/Editorials · November 13, 2014
In realization while listening to Mitch McConnell’s early Senate victory address which before dawn had come to cover the Republicans winning all of Congress:
In sweeping to victory in this election the Republicans have crudely painted themselves as what historically would get them confused with Andrew Jackson era populists.

Letter: We must fight cancer, an unforgiving disease
Opinions/Editorials · November 13, 2014
My name is Jordan Arp and I am a 2011 graduate of West Branch High School.

Editorial: Feeding more than stomachs
Opinions/Editorials · November 06, 2014
The West Branch Lions Club turned “a” project to feed the hungry into “the” project on Oct. 25 at West Branch High School.

Guest column: Current plan leads to war in perpetuity
by Jim Cottingham, Friends Meeting · Opinions/Editorials · November 06, 2014
As we observe the beginning of the 14th year of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and the increasing likelihood of endless war, we, members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), affirm our commitment to our historic peace testimony: We utterly deny all outward wars and strife. . .

Senate Update: Iowa stands out for jobs, business
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · November 06, 2014
Creating more good jobs and expanding Iowa’s middle class are my top priorities for the 2015 legislative session.

Editorial: May the party go on and on
Opinions/Editorials · October 31, 2014
With both the football and volleyball teams heading into the playoffs and both of them at the top of their conference or district, we find ourselves wanting to party.
Tailgate party.

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