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Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Editorial: Move toward food pantries
Opinions/Editorials · October 20, 2016
Hoover Elementary hosts an “Operation Backpack” that reaches pupils up through sixth grade with food and hygiene products. This year, volunteers cooperating with West Branch’s middle and high schools started a similar project for those grades. And over the weekend, Iowa City High School senior Lucia Wagner reported on her new food pantry in front of a panel of judges at the Hoover Uncommon Student Award Presentation Day.

Senate Update: Expanding skilled workforce is key to Iowa’s continued growth
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · October 20, 2016
Iowa’s shortage of skilled workers has been our biggest obstacle to economic growth. Investing in education and job training can change that.

Letter: Time to vote for Patty Judge for a change
Opinions/Editorials · October 20, 2016
Please vote for Patty Judge.

Editorial: Potential for golf course success
Opinions/Editorials · October 13, 2016
Right now, the golf course remains in limbo. We hope someone will step forward to preserve it.

Senate Update: Wind energy is an economic success story for state of Iowa
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · October 13, 2016
Innovative energy has been a hallmark of the Iowa economy in recent years. Geography, natural resources and a strong agricultural heritage have positioned us for success in the industry.

Letter: Most disgusting election, yet I will cast a vote
Opinions/Editorials · October 13, 2016
What would you do for world peace? What would you do for justice?

Letter: Trump’s words describe his actual deeds
Opinions/Editorials · October 13, 2016
Two flawed candidates.

West Branch Middle School poses questions to the West Branch Times
Opinions/Editorials · October 06, 2016
Several West Branch Middle School pupils sent, as part of a writing assignment, letters to the West Branch Times.
The letters are listed below, as well as answers from Editor Gregory Norfleet to some of their questions.

Letter: Government you hate? Help came in flood
Opinions/Editorials · October 06, 2016
The government you love to hate, except when you need it.

Letter: This Lib-Prog says: Wrong to support Hillary
Opinions/Editorials · October 06, 2016
A manifest confession of having been right and praying to be able to continue to rise above it:

Editorial: A 100-year foundation
Opinions/Editorials · September 29, 2016
Allow us to offer our congratulations to West Branch Friends Church on the 100th anniversary of worship in the same church building.

Letter: Grassley also contributed to D.C. climate
Opinions/Editorials · September 29, 2016
Iowans have a strong tendency to vote for incumbents. We have been granting this privilege to Senator Grassley for many years now.

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