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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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Editorial: Highlights in the season
Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
Of course one of the signs of a good team is how long they continue to play after the regular season draws to a close.

Guest column: Rec center offers positive impacts on body and mind
by Cassidy White, Grinnell College senior · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
The Center for Disease Control estimates that one in every three Americans is obese, with medical expenditures for obesity amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Guest column: West Branch offers quality preschool options
by Jess Burger, Hoover Elementary principal · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
West Branch Community Schools participates in the Statewide Voluntary Preschool initiative that provides quality educational opportunities for four-year-old students in the community.

Senate Update: Funding will tackle distracted driving
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
The Iowa Senate started Distracted Driving Awareness Month on April 1 by setting aside $200,000 to educate Iowans about the dangers of distracted driving.

Your Capitol Voice: Hush-money practices must end
by Bobby Kaufmann, State Representative · Opinions/Editorials · April 10, 2014
Session is officially in the stages of closing down. I think my prediction of a pre-Easter adjournment is still possible.

Editorial: Future of WBCSD tech
Opinions/Editorials · April 03, 2014
What should West Branch Community Schools do next with technology?

Senate Update: We deserve answers on ‘hush money’
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · April 03, 2014
Recently, Iowans learned that hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars were paid in secret settlements to former state employees who were asked to sign confidentiality agreements.

Your Capitol Voice: Pushing bill to avoid more TIF abuse
by Bobby Kaufmann, State Representative · Opinions/Editorials · April 03, 2014
Last week was dominated by the budget process. After the final spending number was agreed upon, it is now the job of the various Budget Sub-Committees to appropriate the funds to all of the agencies, organizations, and programs.

Letter: Middle school move not ‘primary’ reason
Opinions/Editorials · April 03, 2014
Editor’s note: Mr. Stevenson makes a point in his letter in response to a March 27 Times editorial that mentions library staff helping run a possible combined library/community/recreation center. While the library board may not be currently discussing this idea, such an idea has been part of discussions outside of the library board.

Editorial: Big key to city’s future
Opinions/Editorials · March 28, 2014
The energy surrounding the plans to build a larger West Branch Public Library intertwined with building a recreation center/community center in Pedersen Valley in the past few months, and we find ourselves very interested in where it will lead, though a lot of work and thoughtful discussion remains.

Majority tried pot, want it legalized in Iowa
Opinions/Editorials · March 28, 2014
The West Branch Times posted for two weeks on Facebook, Twitter and its Web site ( an unscientific survey asking people if Iowa should legalize marijuana.

Jerry's Jottings: Learn how to tap into more tourist money
by Jerry Fleagle, Hoover Association · Opinions/Editorials · March 28, 2014
The snow is gone, the holidays are behind us and spring is on the way. It’s a time of renewal and growth, and for planting the seeds that will lead us to a bountiful summer.

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