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Thursday, October 30, 2014
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Editorial: Enormity of burying a president
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
Reading through the 30-page record of the state funeral for President Herbert C. Hoover, one might notice what is NOT mentioned.

What do you look for in a state representative?
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
Incumbent Republican Robert “Bobby” Kaufmann and challenger, Democrat David Johnson, will face off Nov. 4 in the race for state representative of District 73.

Letter: Braley wants to keep U.S. ‘for the people’
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
I agree with President Abraham Lincoln that our government should be “for the people.”

Letter: Environmental issues need to be addressed
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014

Although our two major political parties seem similar in many ways, and the process seems frustrating enough to justify “dropping out” of elections altogether, this particular election will determine the future of our country based on the two issues which truly do separate us.

Letter: Johnson too extreme and lacks credibility
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
As a resident of Johnson County and rural Solon, I have to say that I was disappointed to read the op-ed piece by David Johnson in the Press-Citizen and attack letters from his various supporters in other area papers.

Letter: Kaufman runs positive campaign, not Johnson
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014

David Johnson and his supporters making deliberately incorrect statements about our State Representative Bobby Kaufmann.

Letter: Kaufmann extreme for abortion vote? No way
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
As a pro-choice Republican woman I would like to express my feelings about the letters from David Johnson supporters concerning Representative Bobby Kaufmann being labeled an extremist for voting for the bill that mandates a doctor’s presence in the room when abortions are performed.

Letter: Loebsack keeps in contact with voters
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
Most politicians go to Washington DC and get to like it there, sometimes a little too much. We never see them in Iowa except when an election is coming up.

Letter: Loebsack kept promise on Social Security vote
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
When Dave Loebsack (IA-02) ran for Congress in 2006 I supported him because he promised he would never vote to gut Social Security.

Letter: Officials must to more to help detained soldier
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is incarcerated by our good southern friends, the Mexicans, now for seven months.

Letter: Please vote ‘yes’ on both park questions Nov. 4
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
As everyone can see by the commercials and yard signs another election year is rapidly approaching.

Letter: ‘Iowa Values’ label way overused in campaigns
Opinions/Editorials · October 24, 2014
Thank you West Branch Times for the venue. I need to express my frustrations. Between the last few weeks of letters to the editor, the barrage of political advertisements on the television, and the total lack of experience in the current administration, I have pretty much reached my limit.

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