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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Editorial: Help Lions fight hunger
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014
We would like to encourage readers to seriously consider helping package food for the not only important but exceptionally meaningful Hoover Hunger Project on Oct. 25.

Soapbox Philosophy: Hawkeye fans, hot dogs and fine arts
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014
Kinnick Stadium seats more than 70,500 fans, so doesn’t it make sense that the concession stand run by the West Branch Fine Arts should cook more than 200 hot dogs and 100 brats?

Park votes: Where do you stand on two referendums?
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014
The West Branch Times posted on Twitter, Facebook and an unscientific survey regarding the Nov. 4 ballot initiatives regarding City of West Branch park improvements.

Letter: More hunger, but less help from government
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014
At church this past Sunday, I was reminded of our state’s balanced budget.

Letter: Obama has all qualities GOP, Dems desire
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014

I think Democrats and Republicans can agree that we want a president who is moral and of good character, a family-oriented person, someone who is compassionate, articulate, educated and has a good knowledge of law, economics, science, history, geography, has an understanding of religious and cultural differences, critical thinking skills and wants to keep our country safe.

Letter: Only Dems will fight for the soul of this country
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014
When will we begin to invest in the future of this country by making sure every child receives quality child care, early childhood education including Head Start for 3-year-olds and preschool for all 4-year-olds?

Letter: Playgrounds good, flooding needs work
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014
Dear mayor, council members and the voting public of West Branch,
It appears that the members of the Parks and Recreation Commission have worked hard to develop a comprehensive plan for improving West Branch’s park system; although, I am not sure that we need $4,000,000 worth.

Letter: Treasurer’s office doing well, no need for change
Opinions/Editorials · October 16, 2014
Cedar County residents and voters: As a 13-year employee of the treasurer’s office I would like you to know that despite what you may have been hearing about needing a positive change in our office, I could not disagree with that more.

Editorial: Good reads on park vote
Opinions/Editorials · October 09, 2014
The City of West Branch last week released a six-page document outlining the two votes coming up Nov. 4 in regards to improving city parks.

City Lights: Remember to put leaves on curb, don’t burn them
by Matt Goodale, Public Works · Opinions/Editorials · October 09, 2014
As we move into the fall season, the City of West Branch would like to remind residents that burning leaves or any other type of yard waste is prohibited within the city limits.

Senate Update: Protections for vulnerable Iowa seniors
by Bob Dvorsky, State Senator · Opinions/Editorials · October 09, 2014
Thousands of older Americans face abuse, neglect and exploitation every year. Some are particularly vulnerable because they depend on others to help them with the most basic activities of daily living.

Speaking Volumes: McCann returns with Prohibition book
by Nick Shimmin, WB Public Library · Opinions/Editorials · October 09, 2014
The West Branch Public Library is proud to announce the return visit of Linda McCann who visited the library in 2013 to talk about her book, “Lost: Cedar County.”

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