Scattergood's Schiller named Student of Year by Chamber
News · July 04, 2014

Charlotte Schiller of Elkader, a senior at Scattergood Friends School, was named one of Iowa City Chamber of Commerce’s Students of the Year at an April 23 ceremony.

The Iowa City Chamber’s Education Committee presents the annual Excellence in Education awards ceremony to honor those who give generously to our schools and those who succeed as a result of those gifts.

“It has been my pleasure to serve as Charlotte’s academic dean this year,” Scattergood Academic Dean Louis Herbst said. “In my nine years as a teacher and administrator at Quaker schools, I have never seen a more well-rounded and driven student. In addition to carrying an extremely heavy course load and maintaining a nearly perfect GPA, Charlotte has spearheaded the creation and management of several student-lead programs at Scattergood Friends School.”

Herbst called Schiller “an incredibly well-rounded student.”

“One example is her yearly participation in the schools fencing program, a five-day-a-week commitment with off-campus competitions,” he said. “Additionally, Charlotte has played several leading roles in our drama program requiring her to learn and perform a play in less than seven weeks.”

This past year, Schiller participated in the school’s production of the “Laramie” project, in which she memorized lines and performed four separate characters in the play. While balancing these commitments, Charlotte finds the time to participate in the schools competitive sports teams and partake in grueling athletic feats such as the schools 1400-mile bike trip.

In Charlotte’s free time she established and continues to coordinate the school’s first peer-to-peer tutoring program and acted as a teacher’s assistant in our Spanish and math classes.

“Both of these endeavors were self-envisioned ideas that Charlotte had the organizational and interpersonal skills to implement and see through,” Herbst said.

Charlotte commits her time away from campus organizing her peers to create change within the school.

During her spring break, Charlotte spent extra time at the school volunteering to help redesign and rebuild the schools student lounge.

Upon returning home, she hosted a group of students for the remainder of the week where they spent their break sewing cushions for seating in this lounge. Lastly, she was able to coordinate the donation of a significant amount of lighting to complement the project.

“I am aware of the characteristics required for students to excel in academically challenging situations and for individuals to act as significant change agents,” Herbst said. “I have seen Charlotte consistently demonstrate these qualities. It has been said that you can judge what an individual values by how they spend their time and their money. I encourage people to consider how this young lady spends her time as a true test of her internal compass.”

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