Letter: Too much false witness regarding Obamacare
Op-Ed · October 18, 2013

The past two weeks have showcased some very negative aspects about our identity as a society in America.

Despite our Christian heritage, we seem unwilling to do Christís mission of teaching, feeding and healing. We are unwilling to talk respectfully. We forget Christís lessons in the Gospels regarding grace, disregarding the new covenant resulting from His crucifixion. Why is that not considered the greatest blasphemy?

Those who wish to live without grace, depending on Old Testament rules to earn Godís favor, then disregard one of the most important rules of the Ten Commandments. ďDo not bear false witness.Ē

The deliberate misinformation regarding changes in our health care delivery system is exactly what that commandment is aimed at.

I (meaning everyone with health insurance or who actually pays for their medical care out of their own pocket) are already paying for the medical care for the un- and under-insured. Insurance companies and hospitals do not swallow the cost of treating people who canít pay. They add those costs to my insurance already.

What I am not getting is my moneyís worth. While there may be ups and downs in different areas of health care costs in the short term, in the long term, better delivery of health care will cost us all less, and help more people remain healthy and productive.

Will someone please redo the math around health care reform, showing all of their work, and including all of the relevant information?

The impact on businesses not having to provide, pay for, or manage this job benefit? The impact on businesses of eliminating workmanís compensation? The impact on family stability when parents can choose jobs based on other things than the medical benefits? The impact on people who will have access to care early enough to successfully regain health and productivity? The impact of families no longer going bankrupt due to medical costs.

No system will ever be perfect, but most of the things cited by the fear-mongers can be worked out.

Rationing of care? We are capable of changing our medical education institutions to educate more people.

We can change many things about our lifestyles. Stop using fear as an excuse to keep the lousy rationing system we currently have based on personal finances.

Laura Twing, Tipton

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