Letter: Rock Island Clean Line: You can fight it back
Op-Ed · October 18, 2013

I understand that the letters from Rock Island Clean Line are being sent out in the remaining 10 counties in Iowa.

Letters in the first six counties, including mine, went out in July. I am a landowner in Palo Alto County and I was as stunned in July as Iím sure recipients of these letters are now.

Please be advised that this can be fought. Rock Island Clean Line does not have a utility franchise and they do not have power of eminent domain at this point. There is an involved process they must go through before the Iowa Utilities Board. Your dissenting voice is important and will be heard. But you need accurate information. Information is available on the Preservation of Rural Iowa Web site. This nonprofit group formed to fight this transmission line.

I know these letters hit hard in your very soul when your land, quality of life and livelihood are affected. Please donít think all is lost and this is inevitable. Become informed and attend your county informative meeting. Working together in opposition, we can be a powerful group.

The Web site is or call 712-262-5229 or the address is P.O. Box 303 Ayrshire, IA, 50515. There is also an e-mail address:

Debra Theesfeld, Ayrshire

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