Invoke: Congressional pay during government shutdown
Op-Ed · October 11, 2013

Question on Twitter and Facebook: Should the U.S. Congress get paid during the government shutdown?

Daniel Heid: no they shouldn't. 1 Like

Dave Arnold: No. 1 Like

Carol Jones: Absolutely not! 6 Likes

Roberta Spragg Clark Stackhouse: No. 1 Like

Sandy Lacina-Gerard: No! 1 Like

Elaine Scott Messenger: NO! NO! NO! 1 Like

Lynne Tjepkes: Nope. 1 Like

Barb Downing Evans: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 1 Like

Shelley Warden: Of course NOT!!!

Sharon Lynch-Voparil: NO!!!!!!!! But as usual we have absolutely 100% no say in this matter ... just sad and pathetic. 1 Like

Belinda Becerril: No!!! It is a stupid law that should be abolished!

Jennifer Pedersen: Absolutely NOT!

Carrie McGovern Hourigan: NO, they are "Non-Essential"! 2 Likes

Rosemary Paul: They are definitely "Non-Essential" but the trouble is, they don't know it. It's too bad that when something like this happens, every single one of them can't be voted out and replaced. 3 Likes

Cindy Madsen: Heck no!

Dixie Collins: Hand over their salaries to Head Start and WIC programs who are impacted by the shutdown. 5 Likes

Warren Pierce Sr: They shouldn't get paid at all. I don't get paid if I don't work and neither should they. 5 Likes

Warren Pierce Sr: Congress' 10% approval rating is way to high.

Bradley Wasion: Not Congress, Senate or the president should get paid. Take their money and they'll start agreeing on something. 2 Likes

Clifford Hora: If they didn't get paid during the shut down there would not be a shut down.

Jim Lloyd: All should go home !

Jennifer Leslie: No, however I believe there is some kind of clause that says they have to. Seems irrational that they do to me though. 1 Like

Wendy Lacina: The 27th Amendment passed in 1992 prevent(s) the Congress from changing their salaries within their term. Personally, I think we need an amendment to the 27th Amendment. I suggest it read as follows:v "No congress can INCREASE their salaries during their term. However, should the two other branches of Government (Executive and Judicial) cohesively agree Congress is not fulfilling it's responsibility to the citizens, pay can be decreased or removed until congress stops pouting and does their jobs.

"Also, since the primary responsibility of the Congress is to send a budget to the president's desk, should they not do so at least two months prior to year end, all of Congress will be immediately impeached and special election held in all states prior to September 15th of that year, where all impeached Congresspeople will not be eligible to run." ... 3 Likes

Bradley Wasion: Considering the Democrats never passed a budget in Obama's first 5 years, with a controlled House and Senate, I totally agree. It should also include the Senate. I would say the president, too. I was not a Bush fan by all means. Didn't vote for him. It really hurt to vote for McCain. It should also read that if a government shut down takes place then the president, Congress and Senate should not be paid.

Bradley Wasion: I have to admit, I kinda like the idea. My point above was that everyone seems to be blaming Congress only. When the senate is equally responsible for the shut down. If not more so at this time, since they refuse all negotiations.

Todd Myrvik: I think the congress should double their pay and work half the hours that they are currently doing. How are they ever going to keep food on their own families tables??? They have it so tough in the world these days! Maybe even foot rubs and back scratches for each of them too. cant we just all get along??? group hug

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