Letter: Let’s press for recording county board meetings
Op-Ed · August 30, 2013

One point of discussion during the last election cycle’s county supervisor race was the televising of the county board of supervisors’ meetings.

These meetings are held twice weekly, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They generally last about two hours.

This year, one Thursday per month, the meeting is held in the evening. All of these meetings are open to the public, and the night meeting was intended to allow “9 to 5ers” a chance to participate without missing work.

While rarely offering the drama and intrigue of a good movie, the meetings deal with the nuts and bolts of our county’s necessary governance. It is important work.

Most people who work can’t attend these meetings. However, we have a tremendous tool available in the form of recording and transmitting information through television and Web sites.

This would allow almost everyone in the county to observe our board in action, at their available opportunities.

There has been a trend recently at many levels of government for using the tool of televising meetings for public distribution. While there is some monetary cost in getting this started, the opportunities for greater transparency and wider participation in local government outweigh this.

None of the candidates running for county supervisor seemed firmly opposed to televising these meetings, but after eight months on the official agenda, some mainly half-hearted discussions, and a presentation from a possible service provider, no decisions have been made.

Please contact the supervisors personally or through the county’s Web site and urge them to get this tool working for us.

Laura Twing, Tipton

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