Invoke: More native or non-native residents?
Op-Ed · August 23, 2013

We posed a question on Twitter and Facebook: Does West Branch seem to have more native residents or non-native?

Brian Roth: My understanding (after being here for almost 20 years) is that if you are not a native, you are not a resident of West Branch. 2 Likes

Alexis Johnson: 50/50 split almost.

Nate Steele: What's the difference, really? I've been here seven years. I have kids in the schools. I own a house. I'm involved in the community. During my childhood, my parents happened to move frequently, so I'm not really from anywhere in particular. But, having now settled down in West Branch, I consider it more my home than anywhere I have ever lived. 2 Likes

Ted Pence: Whats your definition of native? I've lived 1 mile north of town for 40 years and the locals still called my place "The old Jennings" farm! 1 Like

Dan Knight: Want my opinion on that one?? 2 Likes

Kitty Kennedy-Lake: This wonderful town could grow more if this were not an issue. I moved here 2 years ago and was welcomed by my neighbors. I love it in West Branch; don't make non-natives feel unwelcome. This small town is full of great people that I have grown to love and call "my friends." I think West Branch has so much potential. 2 Likes

Ted Pence: Look at the City council votes the past few semi-controversial issues. 3-2---3-2----3-2---3-2. Kitty - the times, they are a-changing.

Ted Pence: And the 3's are heading a positive direction! 2 Likes

Theresa Naughton Cozine: Does it matter?????

Jennifer Leslie: It might be surprising to some to hear some of the sentiments I have heard about WB, and it is nothing new. My aunt lived here for years during the mid-century and she warned me when I moved here in the 80's. I do think it is getting better but there are still some families that seem to not care for new people moving here. I say, the more the merrier, and with them comes fresh ideas!!

Dan Knight: Example They have talked about that stupid folding stop sign for over 20 years and sometimes it was twice a month, every month. They can't make that decision in a hurry but they can screw up someone's life in a matter of a month. There are MANY good people in WB and I still consider some of them friends, but there are a few that haven't a clue and most of the time they are the ones that get on the council.

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