Invoke: Splashed paint on the Butter Cow
Op-Ed · August 15, 2013

We posed a question on Twitter and Facebook: "Citing animal "suffering and misery" in slaughterhouses, a group splashed paint on the Butter Cow. Will this change your eating habits?"

Linda Jean Sexton Fobian: Heck no....BEEF, it's what's for dinner!!!! 5 Likes

Stephen Dean Hennesy: No, but for some reason it made me hungry for bratwurst and potato salad. 5 Likes

Mark N Sara Cooper: They did not do it to change people's minds, they did it for public attention to them.

Daniel Heid: Nope, I will still eat my beef and pork!

Cathy Lynn Ohrt: Why would absolute idiot criminals change my eating habits? 2 Likes

Dave Arensdorf: Yes! I will certainly be on the lookout for red paint in ma' butter. 2 Likes

Dave Arensdorf: I joke a lot but, seriously, it is an issue with merit in my opinion. Like pretty much everyone I know, I was raised as an omnivore and every meal featured meat (if not, it really wasn't considered a meal). Not sure that is right/humane.

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