Invoke: What are your thoughts on DOMA decision?
Op-Ed · July 05, 2013

We posed a question on Twitter and Facebook: Today (June 26) the U.S. Supreme Court declared the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. What did you think of the decision?


Jason JP Miller: @JasonJPMiller One of the few mistakes Reagan made as the POTUS was nominating Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court.


Justin Nelson: Best decision in a really long time!!!!!! ... As an American and as a Christian, I am proud of this decision!!!! 7 Likes

Jodi Clemens: Crying happy tears!! 6 Likes

Jill Taylor: Like. Like. Like. Like. 4 Likes

Brian DeAtley Ellyson: We are one step closer to having real and full equality in this nation!!!! 6 Likes

Tony Wasion: Sad day in America as we go ever deeper into the perversion of this great country. As a Christian, I know it is not biblical for a couple of the same sex to have sexual relations. Sadly, the definition of a Christian has been changed by those who claim to be a Christian but don't know Christ ... I know people will accuse me of being intolerant and a bigot or what any other name they can throw at me. I don't really care. If you want to be intolerant of my opinion then go for it. I have no doubt in my mind that I am right. 2 Likes

Jennifer Leslie: Wonderful decision today sad decision yesterday. 2 Likes

Judith McLean Ellyson: A great first step for all people having the right to a pursuit of happiness as intended early in our wonderful country's existence. ... Today's wonderful news will not diminish us in any way. 7 Likes

Gail Lora Wetzstein-Kirchner: Good decision! The "Christians" forget that we are all children of God; if he made gay people, they are not sinners! Their arguments not valid. This is a great day for America! 2 Likes

Barb Downing Evans: So wrong, so wrong.

Margaret Fairchild: Love it! Keep religion out of politics...there is supposed to be a division of church and state. For legal purposes gays and lesbians can now get the benefits and equal treatment under the law. Now if SCOTUS would have the sense God gave geese on VOTING RIGHTS!!!!! 2 Likes

Lonn Wiegel Sr: The Constitution doesn't prohibit religion in public life, it prohibits the establishment of a national religion such as the Church of England's role in 18th century Britain. Religion can - and does - have a role in our politics.

Justin Nelson: ... As much as you have a right to your views and to practice your religion, you cannot attempt to legislate it or attempt to establish a national religion; nor can you legislate discrimination and attempt to prevent a person due process. It is not constitutional. Basically, if you do not want a same-sex marriage, then don't get one. However, if you disagree with same-sex marriage or even inter-racial marriages of someone else, you get no say in their marriage! ... The ruling yesterday has NOTHING to do with religion. It was all about upholding the Constitution of this great nation and protecting our rights as citizens! The Constitution prevailed as victorious, glorious, and just a tad bit more 'fab-u-lous'!!!!!!!

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