Letter: Students brought prom to Crestview residents
Op-Ed · May 10, 2013

On April 20, an annual, very special event happened in West Branch: the Junior and Senior Prom 2013.
A few hours earlier than that, a very special event occurred that these junior, seniors and their dates cannot imagine: the impact they had on a special group of West Branch citizens.

A small but special group of these junior and seniors took a few minutes out of their special night and brightened so many lives by promenading through the Crestview Care Center. I was there with my Mom for the event to watch not only my son and his date, but the special group of others as they smiled and walked through the social room, showing off their attire to the smiles and clapping from the residents and staff at Crestview. The event was so special to the residents, getting to be a little part of such a special night.

I want to let Ruth Farmer at West Branch High School, who arranged the event, Kathy at Crestview, who was the announcer, and for those special juniors, seniors and their dates that came to the Crestview promenade, know that their gesture did not go unnoticed. I only hope that in the future, more juniors and seniors will take the brief amount of time to give back to these special residents in West Branch who have supported them through the years.

Sandy Heick, West Branch

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