Letter: Some things outside realm of civil law
Op-Ed · April 12, 2013

North Dakota’s recent assault on abortion rights constricts individual rights while doing nothing to improve society in general.
On the contrary, more harm to the community is done when we demand that women bear children that they aren’t capable of, or interested in, raising well.

The only “winners” with this law are the men who wrote and passed it, mistakenly thinking that Jesus will be pleased that they are forcing their version of Christianity on others.

They need to spend more time dwelling on Christ’s interaction with the Pharisees who wanted to stone the adulterous woman.

With the full weight of the law and tradition on the Pharisees’ side, Christ doesn’t ask if she had a fair trial, or tell the Pharisees to clarify the laws, or make more laws against adultery.

He also doesn’t say that adultery is no longer a sin.

He reminds the crowd that all people fall short of God’s ideal of perfection, and we are to offer to other sinners the grace that we will need for ourselves on Judgement Day.

Some things are outside of the realm of civil law. This is the case with terminating pregnancies.

Laura Twing, Tipton

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