Letter: Firefighterís job not as tough as their spouseís
Op-Ed · April 12, 2013

The West Branch Fire Department is holding a fundraiser for one of our family members, Jim and Shari Friis.

When one joins the fire department, the spouse is also a member. Shari is fighting cancer and we are just trying to help one of our own.

As an older member of our fire department, I have noticed a few things over the years. After a call, the home owners or car accident victims, or medical calls that we get, we almost always get thanked, a pat on the back, or told that they were sure glad we were there in their time of need.

We as fire fighters have the easy job. Itís our spouses who have it tougher. They donít know when we are coming home to our families, to help with the kids homework, or see their games, or recitals, or help out with all the kids at a birthday party.

So on April 13, it would be great to see the community come together and have supper with neighbors and friends to thank our spouses for the unseen work that they do for our department.

The money we raise will go to Shariís medical needs in fighting cancer. I know she will be grateful, and so will our spousesí better halves.

With your help we know that Shari and Jim will beat this.

Kurt Johnson, Rochester

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