Letter: We will play hard in return for city support
Op-Ed · March 15, 2013

Last Saturday night a fundraising event was held at the Brick Arch Winery for the football program.

Trivia Night attracted over 140 people who came for a night of fun and also to help the football program raise some needed money to purchase game jerseys and help pay for volunteer coaches expenses.

Dan Hays was the mastermind of this annual event. Mike Quinlan was master of ceremonies and Bower Drywall paid for the delicious food. Matt Chinander, Jennifer Wasion and Joan Donovan also helped host and the setting of the winery was a perfect place to host this happening. The service provided was outstanding and a good time was had by all.

The football program would like to thank all who participated. As always, when football needs some help, our faithful fans are there to see to it that the program stays strong. It was also very clear that many football parents were there to be helpful in any way they could.

The beauty of the football program is, although we bring in a lot of money from gate receipts, our players, coaches, parents and fans also will help at any time to raise additional money to aid in purchases. This year we estimate we will raise over $12,000 to help our athletic department. What football gets it earns, which is a lesson we teach our athletes. We want them to go out and work for their money as they showed by raising more than $2,000 with the Lions Club by working concession stands this winter at events at Carver Hawkeye Arena. Football doesn’t get whatever they want, they go out and earn it.

To sit in the winery and see the many different types of people who attended simply made me very proud of our supporters. Football is blessed here at West Branch by some very special people.

To say “thank you” from the bottom of our hearts seems rather small. Our payback will be we will play hard this fall and we will do so with class and dignity.

Go Bears.

Butch Petersen, West Branch Football Coach

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