Letter: Bring alternative energy right to We The People
Op-Ed · March 15, 2013

Acciona’s lay off reflects the absurdity of our nation failing to put people to work in good jobs to get done what serves the intent for which our government was created and as set forth on July 4, 1776:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men.”

In pursuit of this never-ending end and in serving the people today who need to be able to make a living, at FDR New Deal speed and commitment this nation should be building the power infrastructure that moves WE THE PEOPLE into a new economic era that proves to be the best and freest of all.

The nation should be going totally electric on an advanced energy grid that it accommodates the continentally dispersed generation of it from wind turbines, solar collectors, geothermal wells and surf-sea displacement generations. So much needs to be generated that it can be licensed for free individual use, proved economical energy to business and public facilities, drive low-cost fare and laden high-speed and light rail, make ethanol production for street traffic economically feasible, and leave a plus supply for on-line electrolytic hydrogen for fuel cell generation when the skies are dark and the winds are still.

This will empower everyone with their own free enterprise, unleash the masses entrepreneurial spirit, and end the rationing of opportunity by the moneychangers of financism. They can keep their money; no one else will need it and the barons of internal oil that indenture us in servitude and loss of blood can drink their oil.

The few that have hoarded the nation’s wealth at the great expense and neglect of everyone else, have not done anything worthwhile and do not know how to. Further, the politicians own are in office to keep us powerlessly enslaved to these few and on top. And the man we elected president because the other guy was the apparent disaster we want to struggle free of, demonstrates no other purposed aside from being president. As described in a piece in the Press-Citizen by the late and in my estimation great Baxter Freese, Obama is the non-leader.

Regardless of all of the happy talk and buck and bucks passing from Washington to Wall Street, what needs to be done is not getting done and it will not until this generation demands it and goes to work proving to be another Greatest Generation.

If we are to have liberty it is with real power, electric power, to the people. If we are just going to talk liberty instead, we can profess to be Libertarians crowing what is wrong here and there at the crack of every dawn, and remain incapable of moving our molting arses off a nest and out of the chicken coop in which further confined we just await Mitt Romney and friends to come and collect more of their golden eggs.

Before our goose also gets cooked, Iowa municipalities and counties need to go together and jointly be buying wind turbines from the states only remaining manufacturer, Acciona. And now the good news, if we do not do this, the last person out of Iowa and the nation will not even have to turn out the lights.

Sam Osborne, West Branch

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