Letter: A quiet hill, pine tree and gentle slope to rest
Op-Ed · March 15, 2013

Editorís note: The following poem was written in preparation for the funeral of Jenny Oxley Mayberry. Chaplain Timon Davison said the trees in the cemetery where she is buried are almost all evergreens and one can see a view of farms and towns, like Centerdale, Downey, West Branch and West Liberty. After the services, many people asked about the poem, so he decided to share it here:
To Rest Beneath the Pines

In some far day when Iím laid to rest, I pray that I might be

On a quiet hill, with a gentle slope, beneath an old pine tree.

Iíd like a view to see the road, and farmers who till the land

And the place thatís been a special home, and blessed by Godís own hand.

I want the wind to blow from time to time, with eagles soaring in the skies.

I especially like the song it sings, as it whispers through the pines.

Evergreens are everlasting, like Godís eternal love

That helps us through our journeys here, from Heavens up above.

Yes let me rest on a gentle slope, thatís near some swaying pines

And come and visit every once-in-íwhile, and share the gift of time.

Chaplain Tim Davison, Downey Baptist Church

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