Domestic abuse arrest
News · March 15, 2013

William Sean Porter, 37, of West Branch was arrested and charged with domestic abuse assault 1:29 a.m. March 2, according to West Branch Police.
Police Chief Mike Horihan said WBPD received a call that there was a domestic argument at 109 North Downey in Apt. 201, above a restaurant.

Horihan said information from Iowa City Police was that Porter had been drinking in that city, was intoxicated and did not want to drive home. Police allege that his girlfriend, Sarah Hoewing, drove him home and that he abused her during the drive. At one point, he allegedly struck her in the face, breaking her glasses.

Porter posted $1,300 bond and is set to appear for a pretrial conference 9:30 a.m. March 13. He is being defended by Sally Peck.

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