Letter: Show Choir story only hurt students involved
Op-Ed · March 08, 2013

I am so very disappointed in the West Branch Times right now.

We as Fine Arts in the school struggle to get you to give us any newspaper coverage.

We ask you to come in August to marching band camp so you can see what the kids are working on to get people excited about marching band and football season and you don’t.

We struggle to get you to put anything in the paper well before a play or musical is happening. Waiting until the week of the performance does not leave enough time for some people to make plans to attend.

We struggle to get you to put anything in the paper about competitions and anything else when we know you know the dates because you put out the event calendar for sports/fine arts.

And yet when we have something that happens that should be dealt with in the school, which is what I said to you when you called for a quote, you give that part of the front page and a full quarter page in the paper.

Everyone involved in this issue wanted it to stop so that the kids could move on and deal with what happened and yet here you are posting things that continue to bring it up to the kids involved.

I realize you are a newspaper guy, but some things need to be dealt with in privacy so that others are not continued to be hurt.

You are a small-town paper, not a tabloid, which is exactly how I felt when you called me for a quote.

No kid should have to be bullied and yet you are contributing to it by continuing to mention it, which is not right even if you are a newspaper and need to “print the news.”

Amy Budreau, West Branch

President of the Fine Arts Connection

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