Guest column: A confession, and a plan for the cityís first dog park
by Kandi Baylor, Animal Control Commission · Op-Ed · March 08, 2013

Crazy things with animals seem to happen to me all the time, so it seemed natural to say yes when I was asked to join the Animal Control Commission.

At the very first meeting, however, I realized there is much to be done in our community when it comes animals.

The first item on the agenda was how to get citizens to register their pets with the city. Sitting in my new position of authority, I slowly raised my hand and announced I have had animals for 14+ years and have NEVER registered them with the City. Luckily, I wasnít given a 14-year citation and I wasnít immediately kicked off the commission.

Itís a good thing, too, because great things are happening for our four-legged community. West Branch will soon have a dog park!

The West Branch Animal Control Commission has partnered with the Girl Scouts to make this dream a reality.

Thanks to a corporate land donation by Hillshire Brands and an acceptance of that land by the City of West Branch, the park is now in its early planning stages.

Girl Scout Troop 2080 will be using the Dog Park to fulfill their Silver Award requirements and is hoping to have a lot of help from the community.

The Animal Commission, as well as the City of West Branch and Cedar County, have all contributed to making the park possible.

A community meeting has been scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, March 11, at the West Branch Fire Station.

Please join us to get more information and be involved.

We are also looking for another animal advocate to join the Animal Commission. Now is an exciting time to join us.

Oh, and if you havenít registered your pet with the City, I promise I wonít judge (but get in there and do it!).

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