BOE wants traffic controls. But how to say it?
by Gregory R. Norfleet · News · February 22, 2013

The West Branch Board of Education still wants a safe crossing at Main and Oliphant streets, but disagreed on how to tell the West Branch City Council.

A resolution before the board last week “respectfully recommends ... a permanent, 24-hour-a-day three-way stop sign” to replace the flip signs currently used before and after school.

Further, the resolution asked the change take place “as soon as possible for the safety of everyone in the community, particularly our children.”

“I like the idea of making it formal,” school board member Deb Schreiber said. “But this is not what I think it should be.”

She said she wanted to make it clear the school board wants some type of traffic control, but did not want to specify what it should be.

“I wouldn’t like it if they told us what we should be doing,” she said.

Board President Mike Owen asked if it should read that the school board does not want them to take the flip signs down. Schreiber said no.

Board member Kathy Knoop suggested saying they want the intersection “as safe as possible,” or to “at least keep what we have.”

Owen and board member Carolyn Harold said Main and Oliphant is the only stop sign on the west side of Main Street, pointing out that traffic does not have to stop again on westbound Herbert Hoover Highway until reaching Iowa City.

“I would like them to please recognize this is a crossing of importance,” Harold said.

Owen said the resolution would be reworded to reflect the board’s input and then brought back at their March meeting.

The resolution came after the City Council debated changing the flip signs to permanent, then later debated taking the flip signs down entirely. After a series of up-and-down votes, both measures eventually failed.

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