Invoke: Saturday mail delivery
Op-Ed · February 15, 2013

What do you think of the U.S. Post Office's announcement that it will stop Saturday delivery on Aug. 1, ending a 150-year practice?

Theresa Naughton Cozine: Fine with me.

Jim Calkins: How about a survey? How many WB Times subscribers don't get their paper until Saturday via the mail?

Dorma Gunnells: Whatever it takes.

Sandy Johnston Andreasen: Should have been done years ago Thursday, too!

Patricia Furchtenicht: Not good.

Judy Howard: When I was very little we got (mail) twice a day

Sharon Lynch-Voparil: Great!!

Johnita Quinlan: Whatever it takes to keep the post offices open! Miss you Postmaster JD! 4 Likes

Michael Kruckenberg: Like that really will help?!

Sally Heckman: I think it is horrible. Part of the reason is that the P.O. has to have 75 YEARS of retirement set aside. This is insane. Please write to (U.S. Rep.) Dave Loebsack and our senators to repeal the law of portion of the law that requires such absurdity. The law was passed during Geo. Bush's presidency, so it is not that old. If the P.O. goes, we will have to deal with the much pricier FedEx and UPS. Also, write to the White House to stop this travesty. The postal service was established in the U.S. Constitution, so it is truly an American institution. I urge all to take steps to save it and to urge friends and neighbors to do so. Remember "Neither wind nor snow nor dark of night" shall keep the mail from being delivered. 1 Like

Warren Gerard: They should cut out Saturday and Monday delivery. Both days are junk mail anyway.

Susan Donovan Reese: I hate it! If I thought that would prevent the closing of smaller communities post offices it might be worth it, but I don't believe that. There is a movement in this country to privatize everything decreasing wages and benefits and cutting services. 1 Like

Shelly Howsare: Fiasco!!! ...

Matthew Chinander: (T)he PO is a government business and it's been a fantastic one for it's entire existence. On the note of the PO, personally, Saturday delivery could go either way for me. Most things of importance that are delivered to my residence are via UPS or FedEx, which deliver on Saturday. On the other hand, there are certainly important things that happen to come on a Saturday. I think businesses will have to make adjustments as well, unfortunately. Shipping times will be greater, if via USPS. Which is results in unhappy customers. The P.O. is hurting more than just citizens and its workers' pay with this move. 1 Like

Lisa Gaule Brechtel: I'm bummed. Kinda like getting mail even when it's junk something more simple about it.

Shelly Howsare: Ya a fantastic business that ran a $16 billion loss in the last year!! Get real!! Part time workers at the P.O. make upwards of $19 per hour. Unsustainable!! Get real. It's all about putting paper in a box in a timely fashion and they still can't do that right! Then they promise their employees everything when they retire with no way to pay for it!

Sally Heckman: Frankly, I have had very good service from the U.S. Post office -- for mail and for packages. The staff has always been polite and patient. Compared to FedEx and UPS, I put the US Post office at the top. 3 Likes

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