Letter: Police chief extremely open and helpful to us
Op-Ed · February 15, 2013

I am sure by now many residents have had the opportunity to meet Chief of Police Mike Horihan.

In my opinion, we are extremely fortunate to have Chief Horihan as part of our community.

Since his arrival, Mike has been extremely open and helpful with clergy in West Branch from finding ways to work together, to attending West Branch Area Religious Council Meetings, to helping us deal with transients and others seeking assistance for a variety of needs, as well as other situations as they arise.

Mike takes his call to serve the people of our community seriously, which is reflected in how he interacts with individuals and community leaders.

I have witnessed Mike to be extremely caring and compassionate in his interactions with individuals and in some cases going above and beyond expectations.

I want to thank Mike along with his staff for their faithfulness and dedication to their call to protect and serve the people of West Branch.

Pastor Chad Whaley, West Branch

Bethany Lutheran Church

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