Letter: Some Republicans sounded like cavemen
Op-Ed · February 08, 2013

Republican reaction to President Obama’s inaugural address makes some of them sound like cavemen.

These most narrow-minded Republicans, that even reject members of their own party as being RINOs (Republicans-In-Name-Only and not welcome), more easily exclude themselves from the president’s repeated and inclusive inaugural reference to “WE” — as in WE THE PEOPLE over 20 times.

This in spite of the fact that Obama made no mention of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, independent voters, or any others of differing political bent.

So following the nation’s election for a new beginning, this group of Republicans continues to position itself as separatists beyond the common pale of “all men created equal and entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

It is no wonder that nationally Republicans have increasingly gotten rejected by more and more of those they reject and only attract splinters of others that are against someone or something. This makes what is left of them a group that is against everything.

In fitting note of how dismally Republicans’ present themselves, they deserve to be crowned with an acronym that a local coffee klatch amusingly uses in mock reference to being CAVE Men (Citizens against Virtually Everything). Though mostly sitting at coffee, this long-standing local group is absolutely NOT against everything (Go Bears! This lets them be against more teams than they are for). Rumor has it that they just like to laugh a lot and most readily at themselves.

By comparison, through clenched teeth a dwindling flock of Republicans appears to be a furious group of real cavemen. But, my apology if I have unwittingly offended any local West Branch coffee drinker.

Regardless of their political affiliation and their drink-in or -out status, I am confident they, too, qualify as CAVE Mankind of West Branch, Iowa . . . and ah . . . “Obstreperous Fidelis.”

Ah, and a dead-end thought occurs to me in closing: a T-shirt sale at our local museum that commemorates the life and service of President Herbert Hoover that was one of our nation’s greatest humanitarians who in his time got blamed for everything. The shirt would read, “West Branch, Iowa, Home of the CAVE Men (Citizens Against Virtually Everything).” Proceeds from the sale could go toward building sidewalks to nowhere that would interrupt all motor traffic with both temporary and permanent stop signs.

Killing this and any other idea should be left to our very own real CAVE Men.

Sam Osborne, West Branch

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