Letter: GOP unwilling to see beauty that makes Iowa
Op-Ed · February 08, 2013

I must have been napping when Iowa moved into the Republican Utopia: no unmet needs, no visions for anything “government” might do, so let us throw money back to the rich through an income tax credit.

No hungry children, no Medicaid expansion, no student debt to be bought up, no waters to clean, no homeless to house, no public television to update, no Wi-Fi to place in rural Iowa, no buildings to repair, no prisoners to rehabilitate, no quilt museum to build, no climate change adjustments, no flood prep work, no adult education to expand, no public library system to modernize.

It turns out that the Republican belief is not simply in smaller and more efficient government, but an unwillingness to see Iowa as beautiful, but in need of routine maintenance.

Taking away civility from the common discourse is one thing, taking away our dreams is another. Let your elected legislator know Iowa is not yet done; tell them to apply taxes to the common good.

Clara Oleson, West Branch

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