Editorial: Streets look snooow nice
Op-Ed · February 08, 2013

The City of West Branch again earned praise for clearing streets during and after two heavy snow storms — so far — and one rainfall mixed with sleet.

Right before Christmas, West Branch was included in Winter Storm Draco, which had been classified as a blizzard even though its snowfall was relatively low — about five or six inches. And last week’s snow storm brought another three inches, though just about all of the blizzard had since melted away. A few days earlier, on Sunday, came a rain-and-sleet mix that prompted church cancellations.

The trucks and plows during the storms ran for several hours during the day, trying to keep the roads safe for some of the city’s earliest risers and folks who come home late and everyone in-between.

And we have noticed that residents who have trucks equipped with plows sometimes pitch in a little here and there, helping out a neighbor or family member but clearing a section of city road in the process.

The city crews do not stop when the snow stops falling, either. They return with front loaders and dump trucks to carry away many of the large piles of snow downtown rather than give up parking spaces that are often in high demand during the week.

West Branch’s roads are not perfect, and not always cleared all the way down to the pavement or curb to curb. But when you look at many of the surrounding communities, including larger ones like Coralville and Iowa City, the difference is stark.

So congratulations to Public Works Director Matt Goodale and his crew for their exceptional work fighting back the snow and ice to keep our roads clear and our wheels out of the ditches.

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