Invoke: Obama's gun control measures and past school shootings
Op-Ed · January 25, 2013

On Facebook: Do you think President Obama's gun control measures, had they been in place, would have changed the outcome of school shootings in the last 20 years?
Mark Cooper: Not one bit. The gun control measures have no effect on the mental stability of the family members of gun owners. Also, it does not prevent a gun owner from selling his/her gun unwittingly to a mentally unstable person. 4 Likes

Charles Harbour: Sadly, I agree it probably wouldn't have made a difference. We need stronger rules on the sale and purchase of all weapons that way, we ensure that only reasonably intelligent, reasonably sane and responsible adults are the only people who have firearms. You need a license to drive a car why can't we make everyone who owns a weapon have a license for it? A simple test, that shows you have passed a gun safety training class Why can't we do that? 5 Likes

Theresa Naughton Cozine: His mother still would have been able to buy the guns. We need more laws to keep (guns) away from mentally ill people, and any adult that lives with them should make sure they are locked up!!

Jennifer Smith Herring: The criminals don't legally obtain guns, just like they don't legally obtain drugs. The criminals will always find a way to get what they want. 7 Likes

Mike Kessler: Look at Chicago, New York they both have (some) of the strictest gun control (laws) in the country and both have the highest crime rate in the country. Criminals don't care about gun control, they actually like it because they know they don't have to worry that law-abiding citizens being (able) to defend themselves! Instead of taking away guns, how about focusing on the real issue of mental health and getting these people the proper help they need! 5 Likes

Mark Cooper: Had our forefathers been able to see our society today, would they have been more specific in the Bill of Rights? To look at the past and ask if we had done something differently seems to be a waste of effort. Likewise, putting blinders on so you can no longer see the problem and then claim you have fixed the problem is also a waste of effort.

Barb Downing Evans: No, we need more help for the mentally ill.

Dorma Gunnells: No. If he wanted to carry out this act of violence he still would have, maybe with a different weapon. We need to find and help these people before they choose a weapon and victim. 2 Likes

Robin Jindrich: Maybe. I would like to think that it would have. We have to do something. It's tougher to buy Sudafed in this country than it is an assault weapon. That's messed up! 3 Likes

Mark Cooper: There were 9,413 murders last year in the USA where a gun was involved (they do not differentiate between handguns, shotgun, rifles, or assault weapons), that comes down to a murder every 55 minutes. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) reports that every 40 minutes a person is killed by a drunk driver, so why are we not harping to make alcohol illegal? ... Every 14 minutes and 24 seconds a person dies from overdosing on pain medications. Let's get rid of them too! ... Thinking that these proposals will have any effect on insane people who want to harm others = FANTASY. 1 Like

Kathy Marie Slach: The sale to the public of 'military-style' assault weapons and ammunition magazines which hold more than 10 rounds should be banned. People who want to own these should make a lifetime commitment to the military where killing with assault weapons is their job. 1 Like

Kathy Marie Slach: If the mother had not been allowed to purchase the assault weapons and magazines, the son would not have had access to them, right? Therefore it would have had an affect on the outcome of this particular crime, right? ... 2 Likes

Mike Kessler: Why shouldn't we have that right to protect our families from intruders? Remember my gun is seconds away when the police are minutes away. 1 Like

Kathy Marie Slach: I agree that we Americans should have the freedom to have a weapon in our home if that is what we want.

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