Invoke: Gun control
Op-Ed · January 18, 2013

On Facebook: For those of you who own guns, for what reasons do you use/have them? And would you give them up in light of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary?
Tom Pagels: "I have mine to hunt and target-shoot. One was my grandfathers. I would not give them up for any reason. More die from cars than guns each year and there is no talk of banning them." 4 Likes

Jerry Rozinek: No

Kenny Voparil: Hunt and target-shoot also, and no.

Bradley Hruby: No, that is ridiculous. Even if the government takes our right to own a gun away, criminals will still find a way and the wrong people will STILL have guns. Seems pretty pointless to me. 5 Likes

Nate Steele: I think another good question would be, "Do you support more rigorous background checks, more thorough mental health evaluations, increased registration and improved gun-safety training?"

There would be no reason to outlaw any particular firearm if we put more effort into ensuring guns would only be accessible to law-abiding citizens and kept out of the hands of the criminally minded and the mentally unstable. 10 Likes

Bradley Hruby: I agree 150% with you, Nate. Background checks would be smart instead of saying "Hey, take this 3-hour class and you can get a permit to own a weapon." Because it is always mentally unstable people who do these crazy things. 4 Likes

Don Robin Cox: I feel sorry for those who will die today in autos but I will not give up my car because of it. 4 Likes

Ashley Marie Rogers: People kill people, guns dont hurt anyone UNLESS they are used by someone who is intending to hurt another human being. ... Are we eventually going to outlaw knives, saws, cars and planes? The government fails to realize an inanimate object is NOT dangerous. It's the people who use them with the intent of hurting someone else. 4 Likes

Alex Hess: A polite society is an armed society. 1 Like

Curtis Strong: Hunting and shooting targets, and, no, you can not have them. 3 Likes

Melissa Lock Stagg: I think one of the biggest factors is the negativity that surrounds mental health issues in our society. If it were easier for someone to be open and honest and admit they have a problem, then easily find the help they need, and not be judged negatively because of their troubles, they wouldn't be as likely to get to the point of sheer helplessness and hopelessness that drives these terrible tragedies. I also agree that guns are not responsible for these deaths any more so than Big Macs are responsible for obesity. It is the people, not the things, that cause tragedies. 3 Likes

Logan Nash: No one will get my guns. I'm going to need them for all the crazies out there. 2 Likes

Kristin Koob-Rood: I own/have guns in my home because it is my God-given RIGHT to do so. Plus my husband hunts and his family collects them.

Theresa Naughton Cozine: My only problem is with assault rifles. Why does anyone need one? 2 Likes

Mark Cooper: I dunno, if it were determined that the shooter did it only because he knew he would be given his fame through the media for doing this, would you be willing to quit publishing? 4 Likes

Sherry Bunge: No, I would not. I agree with Nate Steele and Melissa Lock Stagg. We need better background checks and mental health care. And security checks at public places.

Kristin Jones Niles: While I think there needs to be more restrictions on assault weapons (even members of the NRA admit these types of guns aren't necessary for hunting), it appears from initial reports that the guns that were used at Sandy Hook were all obtained legally. For that reason, I don't think we need to be focusing on gun legislation nearly as much as mental health awareness and care. One thing we all need to keep in mind is that if our forefathers, who gave us the right to own guns, saw this happening in the U.S. now, would they still want to support that right? America is a completely different place now ... I do think some of the laws need to be tweaked based on that. 3 Likes

Dakota Dahlhauser: Hunting, and, uhm, hell no.

Mark Cooper: There are people who own machine guns legally in America who have never killed anyone with those instruments. Instead of holding inanimate object responsible for the action of the person squeezing the trigger, be realistic and hold the person operating that instrument responsible. 2 Likes

Don Eime: Hunting. Recreational shooting. Protection. Abso-damn-lutely not!

Why do these shootings never take place in a police station? Simple. The bad guy wouldn't last 10 seconds before he was killed. Criminals prey on the weak. It's the path of least resistance. ... Chicago, a city with some of the tightest gun control anywhere in the U.S., is also one of the most violent. ... How can people still be killed with guns in a gun-free zone? Simple. Path of least resistance. And the bad guys just don't care. Will giving up our guns really make that evil go away? Of course not. ... 3 Likes

Jason Lawrence: Wake up, people. The Second Amendment allows us to bear arms and form a regulated militia. Where in the Constitution is hunting mentioned? I have every right to have whatever I need to fight a tyranny should it develop. 2 Likes

Kristin Koob-Rood: I think our forefathers knew exactly what they were doing. Mental health has always been around as well as murder, rape, train hold-ups and such. The things that are now different are media, so now everyone knows everything that happens .... The solution is not to disarm the innocent, but to arm them. I believe back in the time of our forefathers, if someone did what that kid did, and lived to talk about it, his tale would be short-lived because normal, everyday men would hunt him down and string him up and the LAW would allow it. And people knew that back then, which is what kept them in line. We have NO REAL punishment for crimes committed today. It is sad. 1 Like

Corey Manary: All guns are created equal. Let us not lay prejudice on one style or type. It has nothing to do with how they operate. It is about how we as humans control their use. 3 Likes

Sally Heckman: I've thought about getting a gun but I can't shoot straight and since the only intended purpose of a gun is to kill, I would not want someone to die because of my eye-hand coordination. Also, I can't drive a gun to work. I can't cook with a gun. I can't sew with a gun or shovel the snow or mow the grass or cut my meat or other food with one. No ... the only purpose, when used as intended, is for a gun to kill. ...

Don Eime: There are places in America where a grocery store isn't just down the street. And with today's rising food costs, 1 deer saves an awful lot of money at the grocery store. Then when you add in some ducks, pheasants, geese and maybe an antelope, and before long, all you need to buy are canned and dry goods. There are an awful lot of people who still live like that, both out of choice and necessity. They are no danger to society and ... neither am I. ... 1 Like

Barb Downing Evans: NO.

Kevin Willoughby: ... To many, a day plinking at paper targets or shooting clay pigeons is a wonderful pastime. Some people golf, and others shoot. I encourage you to take advantage ... you might have to join someone for a day of recreational shooting. I promise that yours views will change!

Char Downing Edwards: NO!!!!

Rosemary Paul: I agree with all who point out that if for some reason someone wants to use a gun to kill people, chances are that person doesn't even own a gun and he/she will find a way to get one. The mother of the Conecticut shooter knew her son was not normal and yet it sounds as if she didn't even try to keep her guns where he didn't have access to them. ... But please stop comparing guns to cars - that doesn't make sense and looks stupid.

Bryan Davis: No, I own guns because the Constitution protects my right to self-defense and protection from tyranny.

Dave Arensdorf: You can kill many more folks (and much more quickly) with an AR-15 than with a pocket knife. I am confident many don't agree and, yes, the shooter is to blame but the delivery method for these deaths is beyond my comprehension.

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