Letter: Instagram, geotagging make dangerous combo
Op-Ed · January 12, 2013

Dear West Branch parents, I just found out that Instagram photos can now be tracked to the address where the photo was taken via Google Street View if the photograph is geotagged.

As a father of teenager I know how much she uses and enjoys Instagram. I asked to look at her page today and luckily for me (and her), she had not geotagged any of her photos, thus denying her address for anyone to see.

This is a goldmine for locating children by child molesters (sexual offenders)-we have three registered sexual offenders in the West Branch area and 40 within the 52240 ZIP code

This is also a valuable tool for thieves to locate prize items.

Say you posted a photo of the big screen TV you got for Christmas and geotagged it. The thief now knows where to go to get a new big screen TV.

I just wanted to put this out to the community so you can talk to your children to make sure they remain safe. Our children are our most prized positions and need our due diligence to protect them.

Tony Wasion, West Branch

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