Letter: Most like gov’t coverage and the $$ it saves them
Op-Ed · December 21, 2012

In the last 50 some years I have driven well over 1 million miles selling life and health insurance. This has given me some small knowledge of the insurance industry.
What people see. And what they don’t see. Often people don’t know what they don’t know. Let me share a few opinions.

In an article about a visit by Congressman Loebsack, a person referring to “Obamacare,” said the “government shouldn’t stick its nose in anybody’s insurance.”

Here are some examples where, thankfully, the government has already “stuck its nose in” and its dollars. The following have had direct government insurance, or private insurance paid for by the government, for decades. Our military personnel through Tricare, veterans through their benefits, same for postal workers. Our teachers, police, firemen, county employees etc. are usually furnished with private insurance, paid for in whole or in part by combinations of federal, state, or local government. Then we have the seniors on Medicare and Medicaid. Thousands of people right here in Cedar County, saving thousands of dollars annually because of these programs.

Most people like their government coverage and the money it saves them. Try telling someone you’re taking away their Medicare and see what happens.

My wife and I together pay about $500 a month for Medicare and our Medicare supplements. No waivers and no headaches at claim time. If we had to purchase all of this coverage through private insurance, we would have to spend probably an additional $1,200 to $1,500 a month and have a policy full of exclusion riders. Remember, if there is anything a private insurance company hates, it is risk!

The country is full of policies that give people coverage they probably don’t need, and take out the exact coverage they do need. Obamacare fixes that! No more cherry picking. Private companies will be in the “real insurance” business; 85 percent of premiums now must be used for claims. Imagine that!

The majority of people in nursing homes are on Title 19, Medicaid. Even if they had money when they went in, they now are broke. So the government “sticks their nose in” and pays the several thousand a month for them. Otherwise grandma would be at home, waiting to be helped to the breakfast table, after you wrestled her on and off the stool, bathed her, dressed her, and doled out her meds. Don’t forget the hearing aids. Myself, I’ll go with the government “sticking their nose in”!

Now I fully agree with the remark that people on welfare be drug-tested. Let’s start with the CEO’s and officers of the 100 largest corporations that receive subsidies. The Corporate Welfare white collar folks. No-one can beat the rich when it comes to begging!

Then let’s drug test the local West Branch Police Department as they received a type of welfare (was it a grant?) to help buy their last vehicle.

Should we include the school system, with their many ways of attracting government funding? Frequent testing needed there I suppose.

Actually most businesses in most counties in most states in America have been up to the trough, but they haven’t yet been tested. And I couldn’t help but notice that the person who wants to clamp down on welfare folks, asked about his getting a grant. Oh-oh, more testing may be needed!

Nick Arensdorf, Coralville

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