Soapbox Philosophy: Christmas spirit inside cinder walls
by Gregory R. Norfleet · Op-Ed · December 07, 2012

You may have already missed two of them. Donít miss the rest.

ĎTis the season for beautiful holiday and Christmas music and singing by children from kindergarten through high school.

Two of these concerts happened in the past week. I want to invite you to come to the rest.

One downside to my job is that when I attend these school concerts, I often get distracted from the performances while trying to take pictures. On Monday, I sent the office camera with Rick DeClue to City Council since I already had pictures from the kindergarten-through-second-grade concert. So when I attended the third-through-fifth-grade concert, I really got to stop and enjoy what I was listening to.

At on point on Monday, I was so enjoying the music that I wanted to close my eyes to block out everything but the sound surrounding me. If I had not been worried about people thinking I was nodding off at my own sonís Christmas concert, I would have.

This year, the three Norfleet boys are spread out to four different school performances. Keaton was in the K-2 concert last week, Connor in the 3-5 show on Monday, and Logan in the middle school concert Thursday and the high school musical this weekend. So our family is attending to hear our boys sing and play.

Itís always a packed house at these Christmas shows, so by encouraging you to attend, Iím doing so at the risk of me losing a better seat. But these shows are really worth attending, even if you do not know anyone on stage.

They are free. They are right here in town. The children sing with beautiful voices and fill the gymnasiums with joy and holiday spirit. Many of these young people don slacks, ties or dresses, adding additional sparkle and shine. Others wear lots of green and red, or even antlers and a Rudolph nose for some winter glee.

This is the most wonderful time of the year, and these Christmas concerts are part of the reason why. So why should only family and friends come? These shows need to be shared with the whole community.

Perhaps the school will be forced to find a larger venue for future concerts. So be it.

The joy you find inside the cinder block walls of the gymnasiums and auditoriums could reach this entire town.

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