Letter: No one could undo GOP damage so fast
Op-Ed · November 30, 2012

To insinuate that the fiscal and other damage that Bush/Cheney/Rove did to this country and other countries could possibly have been reversed by anyone in only four years is dishonest and disingenuous.

That damage is vast and will last for generations. Now, with another ďJust say NOĒ House of Representatives, the potential for slow progress toward a better America is all too real.

Iíve never met Larry Hodgden but I sincerely thank him for his factual, well-thought-out letters published in the local newspapers.

If some Republicans had their way four years ago, this country would now be suffering from the once respectable, and now, over the angry edge, President John McCain, or worse, the completely unqualified President Sarah Palin and the out of touch right wing of the Republican party. We can all be thankful that didnít happen.

When are we going to have bipartisan and proactive cooperation to get this country back on track?

Ed Arensdorf, West Branch

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