Allgood exits Hoover Assoc.
by Gregory R. Norfleet · News · November 30, 2012

After nearly six years with the Hoover Association, Executive Director Becky Allgood resigned abruptly earlier this month.

Board President Charlie Becker said he was surprised by Allgood’s resignation, and Allgood did not want to comment on her leaving.

“I can’t say,” Allgood said after a pause when reached at her home Monday.

Allgood resigned Nov. 2. The Association, which raises money for events at the Hoover Library-Museum and Hoover National Historic Site, has begun looking for a replacement in a nationwide search, Becker said.

“It was somewhat of a surprise” to receive Allgood’s resignation, he said. Allgood began the job in January 2007.

Becker said the Association is looking for qualities similar to Allgood as it searches for a replacement.

“She’s done an exceptionally good job,” Becker said. “She’s opened a lot of doors for the Association and is a wonderful person.”

An advertisement for the position states that the organization, which leads Hoover’s Hometown Days, wants “a personality that exemplifies dedication, integrity, honesty, punctuality, diplomacy, a positive attitude, thoroughness, dependability, initiative, good judgment, organization, innovativeness, enthusiasm, professionalism and is self-motivated.” The deadline for applications is Dec. 15.

While many see the Hoover Complex as “three legs to a stool” — the Association, the Library-Museum and the Hoover Park — Becker said he sees two more: the Hoover family and Hoover’s birthplace, the City of West Branch.

“We want to make sure (the new director) will be part of all (five),” he said. “Because they are all intertwined.”

Strong candidates will be given tours of the Hoover Complex, he said, as well as the city.

Becker, who served on the selection committee which hired Allgood, said she had the Association “on the right direction.”

“We want to continue with that growth,” he said.

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