Letter: Hope Barack does more than borrow money
Op-Ed · November 23, 2012

In response to Larry Hodgden’s “Remind Election victors to seek compromise.” So, let me try to understand you a bit Mr. Hodgden.

All year (and beyond) you have been writing letters to the Times and telling people that there is only one direction to go: Democrat.

You basically told people like myself, aka the Non-Democrat, that we were second-rate citizens if we do not follow the same path as you.

Now, you want to throw out the anchor and ask for unity? Forgive me if I do not stop in my tracks and applaud you.

While what you are saying is not too far off the actual beaten path, I am curious of what brought about this metanoia.

I will give you one thing: at least you did not come out and gloat.

Not to worry, I am sure that, by 2015, you will be your same Democratic Party Rah-Rah self. And, for the record, there is nothing physically wrong with that.

Let’s hope your buddy Barack does something more than borrow money and not have an answer for why he has done so.

But, at least he can still blame it on Bush. That is true compromise.

Jason Miller, West Branch

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