Letter: Alternative energy will offer more opportunity
Op-Ed · November 16, 2012

We the people through a government of the people, by the people and for the people and with our elected leader President Obama can and must control fuel prices by taking the nation totally electric by harnessing the same forces today that over the eons turned an accumulating biomass into fossil fuel deposits.

This is the sun, wind and gravity that are as unlimited as is the existence of the planet itself, belong to all of us, transport themselves for free, and leave no costly waste. This in contrast to fossil fuel that must be found, fought over, transported, refined, distributed, sold at increasing cost and leaves costly waste to be ignored or disposed of.

The technology exists and is being deployed, as we read our newspaper, to build an advanced power grid that accommodates the continentally dispersed production of electricity from wind turbines, solar converters, geothermal wells and surf-sea displacement generators. Daily this mother of energy of all energy goes to waste and can and must be used to take the nation totally electric with a peak-pulse supply of power that can be licensed for free individual use, power business and public facilities, energize a national system of low fare and laden high-speed and light rail, and with the plus supply used for the online electrolytic production of hydrogen for fuel cell generation when the skies are dark and the wind is still — geothermal wells generate electricity night and day in calm or cyclonic winds.

By taking the nation totally electric we end the rationing of opportunity by the moneychangers who have hoarded the nation’s wealth and monopolize free enterprise, and also end our indenture to and international entanglement by the world’s oil barons that have no loyalty or regard beyond themselves.

We in West Branch and those that work at Acciona North America have an exciting opportunity to be most directly involved as big part of a national energization that will mark our generation as another one of America’s greatest, freest and most prosperous — here and for us it is written on the wind!

Side note: How about Acciona and the community sponsoring a contest to inspire some imaginatively artistic student, parent, resident or friend of our community to come up with an absolutely electric WBHS Bear that can be worn and displayed by those that support our school and community — maybe a turned-up-and-on bear whose hair is standing on end and eyes flashing with energy, power and alertness?

Sam Osborne, West Branch

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