Letter: VB team can stand tall, proud for great season
Op-Ed · November 16, 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the volleyball team on a great season.
To go to state is always the icing on top of the cake. The ladies have worked very hard to develop their skills and when they ran onto the floor at the state meet, every West Branch fan, Iím sure, was filled with pride.

When you reach state, what the fans and parents need to remember it to look for passion, focus and effort from our team. Without a doubt, all three phases were there at the state meet.

Another key to being a state tournament team is the team must have team chemistry. They must have each otherís backs and really care for one another. Without chemistry, a team will fail. Iíve been asked ďJust what is team chemistry?Ē My response is if you have to ask what it is, you donít have it. You see, it is in your heart and it takes over your every being when you are a quality athlete. You are willing to invest your time and dedication to the task at hand. You put your teammates ahead of yourself. These are lessons athletics teach that you canít always learn in a classroom.

To the coaches: Great job! It takes courage to be a coach. I watched you three work with the ladies and put in the extra time it takes to be a champion. I watched you keep the faith at times when the bleacher experts questioned your decisions. You understood that you were in the arena working and sweating with your girls. You gave everything you had to give and you left it on the court when the end came. You should be proud of yourselves.

The team, although it hurt, handled the loss with class and dignity. It was very natural to see the tears and it showed you put your total effort into your goal. When a team ends their season in the state tournament, you are not a loser. You are, indeed, a winner. The same holds true for all of the sports if they are 0-9 or 9-0. If the ultimate effort was given by the team, you can stand tall and be proud of yourselves because you are a winner.


Butch Pedersen, Head Football Coach

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