Letter: Shooting, fire should not keep us quiet
Op-Ed · November 02, 2012

Last week, late at night, someone fired three shotgun shells in West Branch near the high school and toward our home.
The target was a political sign in our yard. They also tried to burn the sign.

This action was wrong for so many reasons. First of all, someone trespassed on our property with intent to do harm.

Second, shooting in town, near the high school and within 150 yards of our home, is frightening. (Iowa hunting regulations prohibit discharging a firearm within 200 yards of an inhabited building.)

Third, someone tried to inhibit the free expression of political belief in a country founded on that ideal. The incident makes us sad and angry, but not inhibited. Though, we heard of an older person who was not only upset to hear about it, but glad she hadn’t put any signs in her yard.

We’ve left the sign up, which anyone driving by on West Main Street can observe, and added others to it. We hope there will be no more attempts to prevent political expression, and that all of us will vote next Tuesday and support our candidates in a civil manner.

Kathy Fait and John Fuller, West Branch

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