JohnCo jail referendum Nov. 6
News · November 02, 2012

West Branch voters who live in Johnson County will also help decide whether the Board of Supervisors should raise up to $46.8 million in bonds to build a County Justice Center adjacent to the current courthouse.
The measure requires a 60-percent supermajority to pass.

The current jail can hold 92 inmates, and the proposed facility would hold 243. Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek reports that the jail population fluctuates between 130 and 200 right now, with extra inmates sent to Muscatine County at an average cost of $1.1 million to $1.3 million a year.

The proposed justice center will have about 153,800 square feet and will also house the sheriff’s office, clerk of court, six new courtrooms, judge’s chambers, meeting space.

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