Letter: Bobby Kaufmann will be fair to rural residents
Op-Ed · October 12, 2012

In the race for State House District 73 the real question is ‘who will be fair to rural residents’?
My vote goes to Bobby Kaufmann. His opponent, Dick Schwab, built millions of dollars’ worth of real estate on his rural 90-acre farm for the purpose of operating for-profit commercial businesses.

When the Board of Adjustment shut him down for numerous zoning, building and fire code violations, he manipulated the Board of Supervisors to rewrite our zoning ordinance to allow his Events Center to stay open.

While taxpayers subsidize this self described “local philanthropist.” Schwab continues to avoid paying commercial property taxes and has never created one job at his Celebration Barn.

Supervisor Rettig likes to perpetuate the myth that no one has complained but everyone knows that when the game is rigged, people stop playing. I am a life-long Democrat but what’s happened at the Celebration Barn over the last 10 years is a big part of my decision to support Kaufmann.

Our gilded district is a case study in how government largess finds its way to the well-connected rather than the people it’s supposed to help, and how easily our elected officials become allies rather than opponents of influence peddlers like Schwab.

I urge all District 73 voters to support Bobby Kaufmann; he’s fair and honest and, unlike Dick Schwab, not self-absorbed and beholden to Johnson County bureaucrats. Bobby has deep roots in the district and will be responsive to the local issues most important to Cedar and Johnson County residents.

Laurie Tulchin, Iowa City

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