Letter: I find it hard to believe anything Romney says
Op-Ed · October 12, 2012

We have all had time to sleep on what we watched in last Wednesday’s presidential debate.
For whatever reason, I slept well during the night and after a sound sleep I woke up in the morning and over coffee and my morning paper I started thinking about the Hail-Mary hail of words that Mitt Romney threw out from behind his podium in Denver.

Did Romney win more fence-sitters than he lost Libertarians? He appeared to be thrusting himself out there as a guy who if president would out Obama as Obama — an Obama Light or an Obama Heavy?

And now should Romney’s supporters believe what he had been saying out campaigning up until the debate or what he said in the debate?

As a person that has found no reason to believe anything Romney says, I don’t know what anyone who wants to find something to believe is going to believe at any given moment that keeps pace with what Romney has just said, or said he said, or will say next.

I think Romney has gone well beyond the political flimflam that comedian Steve Colbert coined as “truthiness.” Romney seems to have moved at warp-speed into a far-out cyber world of “sayiness.”

Sam Osborne, West Branch

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