Skin cancer screening sees 65
News · October 12, 2012

In six hours, a free skin cancer screening saw 65 patients with 19 encouraged to get follow-up care and three told they needed immediate care for possible skin cancer, an organizer said.
Molly Menard, a West Branch woman crusading against melanoma since her husband died from it, said Saturday’s turnout was “awesome.”

She said those 19 patients had “something suspicious” and the volunteer doctors strongly suggested the patients ask for a biopsy from their family doctor. Another three were directed to have lesions “immediately removed.”

“Hopefully we caught those in time,” she said.

Volunteer dermatologists saw patients for six hours Saturday at West Branch Family Practice, Menard said, and “all agreed to do it again.”

She said doctors who have manned two-hour skin cancer screenings at nursing homes have seen only five or so patients visit, so Saturday’s turnout was “very successful” and Menard is seriously considering making it an annual event.

Patients were surveyed, Menard said, and many said they would not have visited these dermatologists if it had not been offered for free.

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