Lucas Rocks and rolls another $2,000 to school
by Gregory R. Norfleet · News · October 05, 2012

Lucas Rocks, an annual golf fundraiser, last week donated part of the $4,800 raised last month to Hoover Elementary for special education equipment.

Organizers Al and Jill Lacina began the fundraiser to pay for cutting-edge treatments for their son, Luke, who was born with cerebral palsy. Today, Luke has progressed so much that the family still raises the money but gives it away to other causes.

Hoover Elementary has benefitted from the fundraiser since it began a few years ago.

On Sept. 26, Lucas Rocks presented Hoover representatives with $2,000, which will go toward custom-made equipment.

• Two wooden chairs with backs that allow physically handicapped children to sit at lunch tables. Prior to these chairs, wheelchairs would be rolled up to the end of the table. The new chairs clamp to the bench seats and strap the pupil to the back so he or she does not fall out. Jill Lacina said these seats can allow them to sit anywhere, and they can be surrounded by their classmates.

• A similar chair was made for the classroom, so pupils do not have to sit in their wheelchairs. Again, it allows the pupils to sit at a table with their classmates, special education teacher Miranda Palmer said.

• Third, an “art chair,” again similar to the other two, is specially made to help them participate more in art class.

Luke Lacina and Max Marcy are two current pupils who will benefit from the new chairs, Palmer said.

“This is all adaptable equipment, making the classroom more inclusive,” Jill Lacina said. “It helps them not feel so ‘special.’”

Another $1,000 donation will be made to the city, Jill said, and the rest will go toward $550 scholarships to send 6-year-old boys to a special needs camp in the Ozarks called Wonderland Camp.

Jill Lacina said the camp gives mothers a house in which to stay and a boat for recreation. The intent is that the pupils will be served by staff while mothers “get a break,” but are present “just in case.”

Lucas Rocks was held Aug. 18 and set a goal of $5,000, Jill Lacina said. She said the fundraiser has some money saved from last year which will help “finish out all we want to do.”

“We had a good time and a good turnout this year,” Jill Lacina said of the fundraiser.

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