Letter: Irrational, inconsistent liberals must grow up
Op-Ed · September 28, 2012

In his new book, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological causes of Political Madness” Dr. Rossiter discusses the causes of the liberal neurosis and mental disorder.

Part of the liberal mental disorder includes fostering feelings of inferiority, victimization and the primal feelings of envy and jealousy. Liberals encourage childish feeling of entitlement, indulgence and compensation. Liberals loathe individual rights and responsibility and promote the will of the government on each person.

Dr. Rossiter, a clinical psychiatrist, says that “liberalism is a mental disease that can be understood when you study how children develop into adults and how a distorted development produces irrationalism, neurosis and imaginary victims and the desire to run other people’s lives.”

This irrational, inconsistent thinking explains why liberals want to regulate soda and sodium consumption, are against school choice for poor kids but are in favor of choice when it comes to abortion. Liberals are fanatical about abortion, yet are against capital punishment. Or why liberals are against worker’s choice when it concerns union membership, liberals hate right-to-work states. Liberals are in favor of legalized marijuana, but against consumers buying raw milk directly from farmers.

Liberals’ inconsistent thinking includes disdain for the “rich,” yet the rich and the super-rich support liberal causes and the call for higher taxes on themselves. Yet I am not aware of these “rich” paying more than their “fair share.” The Kennedy’s, the Kerry’s, John Edwards, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Penny Pritzker and the wealthy Hollywood elite love the liberal lies.

Liberals cannot imagine that the “rich” are really the middle class and the super-rich are playing them for fools. Liberals scream about the “war on women,” yet refuse to use the phrase “war on terror” or the real war on women in the Middle East.

Refusing to grow up and face reality is part of the liberals’ stunted maturity into adulthood. Maybe the brain-damaging marijuana use explains everything.

Lynn R. Griebahn, Jr., West Branch

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