Editorial: Keep an eye on upgrades
Op-Ed · September 28, 2012

A quick reminder that West Branch is going through a few small changes right now that motorists especially need to be aware in regards to children getting to school.

On Monday, the city reopened the driveway that runs along the Orange Street water tower and up to West Branch Middle School. Workers paved the former gravel drive, lowered the small hill and added a sidewalk, so expect the improvements to make it busier with cars and pedestrians.

It is also now a one-way street with an egress through Maple Street and back to Orange. You will also see the new “One Way” signs at the entrance and “Do Not Enter” sign at the exit of the looping path.

Throughout the downtown, new small but bright yellow signs draw additional attention to street crossings most frequently used by pupils. A city project, these signs are a welcome addition to the stop signs at those intersections, especially when we still see out-of-town motorists roll through stop signs on Main Street at Heritage Square.

Third, the sidewalk going along Oliphant Street north of Orange Street is well under way. At times, traffic will be funneled into one lane. With the hill and curvy roadway, pay particular attention to that as well.

These are good changes for the community, but motorists may need time to get used to them. We hope that they will work together to make the walk to school that much safer, and give parents more peace of mind.

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