Letter: Speak out against trickle-down economics
Op-Ed · September 21, 2012

The problem with silence is that it can mistakenly be construed as approval for policies when what it really means is ignorance ... or indifference.
The pages of history are filled with episodes of citizens quietly standing by while their government led them into wars and economic disaster.

Since 1980, when Republicans (and Ronald Reagan) figured out that you could win elections by cutting taxes no matter what else you did or how big the deficit became, our debt burden began escalating rapidly until today when it threatens our economic future.

We were warned of “voodoo economics” but many voters heard, without listening, and chose, without thinking, the political party which promised them the most.Didn’t work, did it? Never did, never will.

Some of us listened to the warnings about debt and tried to raise our voices but were drowned out by the neo-cons and the Limbaughs of the world who never met a war or a tax cut they didn’t like. In 12 years, Republicans tripled the national debt and all you heard was a collective sigh from their supporters.

Then, in 1993, Bill Clinton, a Democrat, raised taxes on the wealthy and the resulting economic boom created 21 million new jobs, lowered poverty rates, built the middle class and led to budget surpluses. Finally we were on the right track in dealing with our debt and saving our economic destiny, but alas, Republicans were more interested in hearing the Limbaughs of the world scream about Clinton’s moral failings. What did we gain from that? Where were our voices then?

We now know that we blew our best and perhaps last chance to get our debt under control as Republicans, who, with a little help from the Electoral College and the Supreme Court, elected George W. Bush as president. Tax cuts for the rich along with two wars and a Medicare Drug benefit, all put on our children’s credit card, added $6 trillion to our national debt. What did we learn? Apparently not much as 50 percent of our voters are ready to try the same failed policies under Romney/Ryan. Will we ever learn? Will we ever speak up?

The Republicans have been very quiet, except for the occasional irrational rants aimed at anyone who doesn’t agree with them being a “socialist” or a “Nazi,” because Republicans can’t, on their merits, defend their failed economic results or their plans for more of the same under Romney/Ryan.

We have a big choice to make: Either go back to “trickle down economics,” which has never worked, under Romney/Ryan or we can go forward with Obama and the Democrats as they work to restore the Clinton economic boom and secure our future. Stand up, speak out, get involved and do your part to protect everyone’s economic future by voting Democratic on Nov. 6.

In the 60’s song “Sounds of Silence,” Simon and Garfunkel perhaps said it best, “Fools, you do not know, Silence like a cancer grows.”

Larry Hodgden, Tipton

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