Hoover Elementary collects $1,300 to fight cancer
News · October 05, 2017

Hoover Elementary School raised $1,362.06 for their G9 Penny Wars Fundraiser to support research for pediatric cancers.

Each grade competed to raise the most amount of pennies.

Preschool raised 2,767 pennies ($27.67), kindergarten raised 31,762 pennies ($317.62), first grade raised 23,840 pennies ($238.40), second grade raised 9,213 pennies ($92.13), third grade raised 36,053 pennies ($360.53), and fourth grade raised 25,333 pennies ($253.33).

The elementary office also took larger bills and coins, and raised an additional $72.38.

Third-grade pupils celebrated their victory at an assembly.

Principal Jessica Burger and parent Kate Halter, who helped organize the fundraiser, later posed with a ceremonial check that showed the total amount raised by all the students at Hoover Elementary.

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