Letter: Clean Line will replace dirty energy with clean
Op-Ed · January 24, 2014

Iowans have been fortunate in not suffering personally in the downsides of dirty energy production and transport.

We havenít had the pipeline leaks such as those in Nebraska and Alabama this past year. Our water supplies arenít going to suffer the catastrophic chemical poisoning being experienced right now by fellow Americans in West Virginia. We arenít losing entire mountain tops to coal mining.

This blessing, however, distracts us from any sense of urgency in converting our national energy sources from dirty to clean and renewable.

As we transition to clean and renewables, we will also have changes in the associated support structures. In the past, utilities have owned the transmission mechanisms. Going forward, this will not always be the case.

Our energy delivery grid needs to be upgraded, expanded and coordinated.

Our laws regulating energy production and movement need modernizing and fine-tuning.

Rock Island Clean Lineís proposed HVDC transmission line will help replace dirty energy with clean energy. Delays in getting this line functioning mean more chances of dirty energy pollution.

This is an important, urgent issue. Please let your legislator and the Iowa Utilities Board know your personal thoughts on this.

Laura Twing, Tipton

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