Nevins continues to perform, produce albums
News · January 10, 2014

Darlene Byers Nevins presented her 22nd saxophone concert in Warner, NH, in the fall to a standing-room-only audience for the 22nd time.

Nevins, who lived in West Branch from 1931-45, teaches saxophone and piano, is a member of several bands, and performs concerts regularly throughout cities in New England.

She started school in West Branch, graduating from West Branch High School in May 1943. She started learning the saxophone in 1938 as an eighth-grader, performing solos and winning numerous awards, including an I-Plus rating, the highest award ever given nationally for a saxophone solo.

Darlene’s sister, Carol Slach, still lives in West Branch and some of Nevin’s CDs are currently available at the West Branch Public Library.

Nevins stopped playing the saxophone for 52 years before returning to the instrument in 1995. Since 1999, she has produced nine studio albums.

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